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SkqueSkque wrote on July 15, 2016 on 1:14 am:
Love the site. Thanks for sharing it.
OwenOwen wrote on May 3, 2014 on 11:56 pm:
Went here today with my family and had a wonderful time. prices were affordable and the staff was very nice. the place is clean and well kept. our favorite part was the laser tag. I want to go back tomarrow but my parents said we have to wait a little while. I am 4 and my sister is 12.
SheenaSheena wrote on April 6, 2014 on 6:30 pm:
I took my two boys (3 and 6) to fun central yesterday for the first time. Spent 5 hours there and I was incredibly impressed with how clean and up to date everything was. Did everything except for the laser tag. Staff were all kind and very helpful, always had a smile. Food was great, Kids had a blast. Drove 2 hours to get there and will happily make the trip again!!! HIGHLY recommend this place to everyone. Cant wait to return...
TERESATERESA wrote on June 9, 2013 on 7:46 pm:
MarleeMarlee from FUN CENTRAL!!!! wrote on January 24, 2013 on 9:40 pm:
HELLO I luv fun central lazer tag oh yea buddy haha
JenniferJennifer wrote on June 15, 2012 on 1:16 am:
While spending our vacation at Treasure Lake, we took a day to visit Fun Central. What a treat!! The place was very clean, the food was surprisingly good and the staff was incredibly nice, helpful and patient. Britney rocks! We spent three hours there with our 7,5 and 1 year old. We hit everything from laser tag, to mini golf, to the arcade games to the play area. I highly recommend this place. I am a huge supporter of local businesses. They appear to do a lot for the community. Thanks for making fun family memories for our vacation.
MacieMacie wrote on February 4, 2012 on 12:10 pm:
Fun Central is really fun
BettyBetty from Curwensville wrote on December 30, 2011 on 3:23 am:
12-29-11 My son, his friend and I were there tonight for 3.5 hours. The young man working at the food counter has excellent customer service skills. The rest of the staff were great too. Thank you!
KieraKiera wrote on March 20, 2011 on 9:02 pm:
I love Fun Central its awsome!!!!!!
DarlaDarla wrote on February 20, 2011 on 6:54 am:
I was there today with my son and his famly. The children had the time of their life in the soft play area, played mini golf which was the coolest mini golf I have ever seen, and played multiple games in the arcade area. I thought it was a very safe place in the gym area with the arm bands and the children not being able to leave that area. I think the arcade section should also have a safety band feature like that. We had a great, unstressful day. were there for over 4 hours and then 3 guys in full body morph suits came in to the arcade section. This made many people uncomfortable and many took their children and left. I feel to be a safe environment people whose idenity is completley covered should not be permitted in a child safe establishment. Who could identify one of them if they were to rob the establishment or take someone's child? I told a staff member and he acted like I was crazy. In this day and age someone has to look out for children and obviously he really didn't feel it was an issue as he said" I don't know them but they come in here a lot...well wouldn't that be a perfect way to case out a place before you act on anything??
Amber and RayAmber and Ray from Clearfield, PA wrote on September 1, 2010 on 9:43 pm:
This is a place where we can go and the whole family has a good time. This town really needed something geared twordged not only teens but preschool aged kids as well!. Also i love that you can pay and use the pass all day.. Ray will take the kids up while im at work then i will go again after supper with them.. GREAT JOB!
Lucy BLucy B wrote on June 5, 2010 on 3:36 pm:
I love taking my children to this place. We always have a blast and we have always had very good experiences. Keep up the good work!
kellz & chazkellz & chaz from clearfield wrote on February 5, 2010 on 4:56 am:
fun central, our second home. this place is the absolute best place to be at in clearfield, or any other surrounding area for a good time, & delicious & well priced food.

yay fun central, keep up the amazing work! :)
The Wilson'sThe Wilson's from Clearfield, Pa wrote on November 20, 2009 on 11:23 pm:
We come to Fun Central atleast once a week. It is a great place to spend some family time, whether on the jungle gym or the game room or even the golf and laser tag. With such reasonable prices this makes for a wonderful family night out!
Naomi PatrickNaomi Patrick from Curwensville wrote on November 17, 2009 on 9:10 pm:
Fun Central is a very classy, fun place for children of all ages, especially if your a big game peson.
WendyWendy from Ridgway, Pa wrote on October 25, 2009 on 2:50 am:
We met friends from Michigan there tonight and we plan on taking our grandkids there in the future. We all had a meal, which VERY good and VERY reasonably priced. The service and general staff was excellent. It's an excellent place for a family to have a good time together! I would highly recommend it.
Leslie SweitzerLeslie Sweitzer wrote on October 23, 2009 on 4:40 pm:
fun central is a place for kids to learn all they want to be when they grow up thank you so much for your patience of reading this
this is really a place for kids
MandyMandy from Grampian wrote on September 13, 2009 on 2:26 am:
I have been to two parties this month here and the girls loved every second of it. This place will bring out the kid in everyone. I didn't want to leave either! Thanks for creating a place that is easy on the wallet and fun for the whole family.
Kennita Leigey and Jameson SwatsworthKennita Leigey and Jameson Swatsworth from Clearfield,PA wrote on September 8, 2009 on 1:55 pm:
We brought our five year old, Michael and our two year old, Keegan here on Michaels birthday this year and they had a blast. We also had pizza and soda. It was a great time. Thank you so much for opening such a great place for children...Clearfield needed it greatly! Great investment! Keep up the great fun!!
jackie wintersjackie winters from clearfield pa wrote on August 30, 2009 on 6:47 pm:
This place is fun!
Alexis BrolinAlexis Brolin from Allport, Pa wrote on August 10, 2009 on 3:08 am:
Not only is this a great place for the entire family, you can't beat the prices! I was very pleased with how little it cost, with all of us spending 2 1/2 hours there today. We all had a great time playing in the jungle gym and with the arcades. This is exactly what the Clearfield area needed. Thanks!!!
CrisCris from brockway, pa. wrote on August 3, 2009 on 5:37 am:
We took our family to Fun Central for the first time tonight and had a great time. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great place to take a family. I think the kids liked the lazer tag the best. We will be back!! Food was great too!!